Grace Johnston
Facing Death Exploring Life
March 10, 2021

A new book exploring the mystery of dying and the power of our own life stories to heal and bring peace at this time of great transition and grief. We will all die one day. Even when we still feel immortal, our bodies are nonetheless on the journey towards dying, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Drawing heavily on real people’s stories, Facing Death Exploring Life explores the emotional and spiritual journey individuals traverse in the weeks and months leading up to dying. In doing this, it demonstrates the power of story, and aims to show how important reflecting on our own life story is in this process. It also provides guidance for how this life review process can be achieved, both privately and with the help of others. The book is written with an understanding of the importance of preparing one’s soul for the process of dying and for the time after death.

Grace Johnston is a writer and spiritual carer who has spent her life working, one way or another, with people going through major, often paradigm-shifting change. Her fascination with people and their stories was apparent in her first real job in her early 20s – as a journalist specialising in so-called ‘human interest’ stories. This interest took her, in the ensuing years, on a broad exploration which included psychology, change management and the nature of work, the ancient wisdom teachings and much more. Now in her mid-70s, Grace’s work life has included television and print-journalism, change management roles, counselling and the training and job placement of mature-aged unemployed people. In her later 60s, she was accepted as a pastoral/spiritual care intern at Australia’s foremost cancer hospital and now offers a Dignity Therapy Life Reflection service to the hospital, predominantly for people in the latter stages of life. Grace’s first book, Aligning Your Work & Purpose, was published in 2000, and she has since written several others including the What’s Good For You companion series to the television show of the same name, and books on job search in a changing work world. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, and enjoys watching four grandchildren ‘unfold’ as they move through the various stages of childhood.