Christine Forster
Life, Love & Marriage
May 15, 2020

In the years she’s been in public life Christine Forster has stepped out of the shadow of a famous brother and emerged as a local councillor with a national voice.

This collection of previously published articles and speeches spans those years, starting with her appeal to local Liberal party members when seeking pre-selection to run for City of Sydney Council in 2012 and concluding with an address to the Sydney Institute in late 2019.

Christine was a prominent campaigner in the battle for same-sex marriage in Australia, advocating from the conservative side of politics for a change which has made our country a fairer place for everyone. Her articles charting the course of what was a personal and hard-fought campaign speak from the heart and reveal that throughout, hers was a voice of reason, respect and empathy.

Christine’s passion for Sydney and its people is expressed in the broad range of issues she has tackled in both print and in the Council chamber. They reflect her belief that local government must be transparent and accountable, listen carefully to its constituents and deliver good value infrastructure and services. This selection of pieces is testament to Christine’s commitment to ensuring that Sydney cements its place as the world’s best city to live, work and visit.