October 1, 2018

Stunning collection of photographs capturing 45 different breeds across 65 portraits. A fantastic gift book for dog lovers.

Dogs’ faces are all so unique — eyes that can see deep into your soul; noses long and short, with textures and colours ranging from the blackest black, to pink and every shade in between; the length of their ears and whether they stand up straight, droop low or perhaps a combination of both; the infinite arrangements of coat markings and hair lengths, curly or straight; wrinkled jowls, wrinkled foreheads, whiskers, teeth, tongues and eyebrows.

Muttshots is the evolution of photographer Loz Dalton’s personal project to examine furry faces from different angles and became a joyful exploration into uncovering the personalities, quirks and stories that accompany the different breeds.

She discovered the way people lit up when telling stories about their dogs, highlighting the huge bond we have with our animals and how pure and special their unconditional love is for us is.

Loz Dalton is a Melbourne-based animal photographer who focuses on capturing the character nuances of her subjects. She uses her skills in commercial photography and retouching to capture, explore and enhance details big and small in her images. She aims to use her images to invite conversation and education about animal welfare and to share the passion of the bonds humans have with their fellow creatures.