Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D
The High Performance Mindset At Work, Home and Life
February 18, 2021

Our mindset is the lens we use to perceive, interpret and evaluate our world. Learn how to excel at and enjoy more happiness in your work, home and life by unlocking the power of the High Performance Mindset. 

The High Performance Mindset contains practical and easy-to-use strategies and has been written for people who want to learn how their mind operates at its best – and worst. If you’re keen to know more about yourself, how to reduce stress and become more efficient and effective in all areas of your life, The High Performance Mindset will help you to gain power and control and is the manual you’ll need to gain power and control as well as become more proactive and positive using the commitments of success, others and self. 

A highlight of this book are the variety of easy-to-complete surveys developed by Michael that have helped hundreds of thousands of people of all ages gain greater self-awareness of strengths and areas for growth. Michael draws on his many years of counselling, coaching and consulting in the fields of sport, business, leadership, parenting and education. He discusses how the energy and action that high performers have developed to overcome difficulty and that propel them towards their goals is found in their resilience. Additionally, the author shows how one key to a successful mind is the ability to minimise internal blockers such as anxiety, feeling down, anger and procrastination.