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Take Cover
by Sarah Dudley

Happy Planet Living
by Mia Swainson

by Sam Harvey and Paul Harvey

Bear Learns How To Be A Rainbow
by Deirdre Brandner and Jennifer Whelan

Do Bears Who Eat Blueberries Go Bananas?
by Deirdre Brandner and Jennifer Whelan

by Andrew L Urban

Refugee Heroes
by Laurie Nowell

Overture of Hope
by Isabel Vincent

Patty Mills: Beyond Basketball
by Boti Nagy

Coming Soon

by Michelle Lee

Family Favourites Recipes
by Murray Olds, Murray Wilton, Miss Jane

Wings For The Soul
by Christopher S.J. Gleeson

Climate Alarm Reality Check
by Andrew L Urban

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Book of the Month - TAKE COVER

Take Cover is a priceless collection of the most provocative and hilarious covers of The Spectator Australia magazine from 2014 to the present day, all of them the brainchild and creation of multi-award-winning creative Sarah Dudley.

From the ‘coup de disgrace’ of Turnbull overthrowing Abbott through to the dimming of democracy in the USA; from the craziness of climate policies to the madness of identity politics, every topic in the culture wars gets its very own visual battlefield, accompanied by Sarah Dudley’s witty and insightful commentary on the issues involved and the creative decisions behind each and every cover.

Fighting the culture wars has never been so enjoyable.

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